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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

To all my customers, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2015 treats you well. Thank you for your custom, I hope I’ve been of help to you, and that I can continue to help as HolmPC enters it’s 5th year of business.

Phishing Virus affecting Tesco Banking website

I was recently called out to a customer who was having trouble logging in to her bank account (credit card) online. She was using Chrome to login to Tesco bank, and the symptoms she described to me immediately made me suspect there was something amiss with her computer. She would go to the website and put in her username on the first page and click login. This would immediately take her to the “You have logged out” page. She had contacted Tesco about this and been talked through trying the same thing with Internet Explorer, but with very different results.… Read More »Phishing Virus affecting Tesco Banking website

Heartbleed – The Basics

There has been a lot of publicity recently about the Heartbleed Bug, but a lack of a basic explanation of how it affects people and what they can do about it. The advice and information given out by security companies should be considered more expert than this page, but this is an attempt to make the information more accessible to the non-technical. A Q&A page answering some questions about the bug can be found here . It may, however, be too technical to be useful to many. OpenSSL is the technology used by many, but not all, sites on… Read More »Heartbleed – The Basics

Merry Christmas from HolmPC

A very Merry Christmas to everyone from HolmPC. I’d like to thank everyone for their custom in 2012 and hope that all our customers are satisfied with the service. Hopefully early 2012 will see a major revamp of the website, and more regular blog posting.

HolmPC computer repair and support Blog introduction

HolmPC is a computer repair, support, maintenance and training company based in North Holmwood, near Dorking. My name is Matt, and I am a computer engineer with 15 years experience in small, medium and large IT companies. When you work in an computing environment in a company of only 5 people, you get used to doing a little bit of everything, and so over the years I picked up many tips and tricks. Windows has changed much in that time, and there’s always more to learn! I decided I wanted to help people into computing rather than consulting in London,… Read More »HolmPC computer repair and support Blog introduction