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How to install Ubuntu 12.04


  • Put the CD into the drive and boot up the machine. When the install program starts you will be presented with a screen that looks like Figure 1. (Click on any image to see it full size.)
  • Make sure you have the correct language selected on the left  hand side, and then click Install Ubuntu. The other option Try Ubuntu will run Ubuntu from the CD without installing it. This can be useful if you don’t want to save anything you are going to do, but it’s not the aim of this guide, so I won’t go into that option here.
  • On the next screen (Figure 2) you are presented with a summary of the things you need to make sure of before you install, such as are you connected to the internet, and do you have enough free space on your drive. If you want to, check the box to allow installation of updates during the install and to install third party MP3 software. I would advise checking both these boxes. Click Continue to move on.
  • The next screen asks where you want to install. The easiest option is just to wipe what’s currently on the drive and replace it with Ubuntu. Make sure this is selected and click Continue. (If you want to use multiple partitions, choose Something Else but that route is not covered here.)

Computer support repair Dorking

Figure 1 – Start the install

Computer support and repair Dorking

Figure 2 – Preparing

Computer support and repair Dorking

Figure 3 – Install where?

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