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How to install Ubuntu 12.04

Installation (3)

  • The screen in Figure 7 requires more input than any other during the installation. Here you need to enter your name, the name by which you want to refer to the computer, a username and a password. You need to enter a password whether you choose the option to log in automatically, or to require a password to log in. For now, choose Log in automatically and click Next. You can change the log in requirements later if you choose to.
  • The screen that is displayed now (Figure 8) gives information on Ubuntu, and will remain while the installation continues. You are not required to do anything, but if you click the arrow on the right hand side it will skip to the next page of information.
  • The Installation complete window shown in Figure 9 will appear when the process is finished. Click Restart now and the machine will reboot into Ubuntu. Congratulations, you’re done!

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Figure 7 – Who are you?

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Figure 8 – Information

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Figure 9 – Install complete

Next page – All done!

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