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Remote Support

HolmPC provides remote support to customers on Windows, MacOS, and both Android and iOS tablets and phones.

The Policy for charging for remote support is described below and opening a support session implies acknowledgment of and consent to this charging policy. Please only continue if this is acceptable to you.

Charging Policy for Remote Support

Remote support is invoiced for via email, so an email address needs to be provided.

If the remote session exceeds half an hour, an invoice will be sent following the session. If the time taken is less than half an hour, the time taken is kept open, and if more help is needed within the next 2 months, the additional time is added each time until half an hour is reached, at which point an invoice will be sent.

If no more support is needed during this 2 month period, an invoice will be sent for the minimum half hour charge after 2 months has passed.

HolmPC reserves the right to wait longer before invoicing, but 2 months is the minimum grace period.

For remote support on Android and iOS, download the Splashtop SOS App from the Play Store and App Store respectively.