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Simple computer performance tips

There are many things that can be done to make an old laptop, or even a brand new machine, run that little bit faster. Some of them are complicated or risky, and best left to experts who can perform complete backups before attempting them. However others are simple enough for anyone to do for themselves. Here are a few things that you can try to keep your PC clutter-free and working smoothly. Don’t install things that come free unless you really want to. Nowadays, many software providers (especially free software) make a bit of money on the side by bundling… Read More »Simple computer performance tips

Windows keyboard shortcuts

Using the keyboard to accomplish simple tasks such as opening, closing and switching between windows, copying and pasting is quicker and easier than using the mouse and navigating your way through menus to get to what you want. There are many shortcuts available, and you can also create your own for tasks you carry out particularly often. These are the shortcuts I find most useful. Most are available in all versions of Windows. The Windows key is the key to the left of Alt, which is just to the left of the spacebar, with a symbol on it similar to a… Read More »Windows keyboard shortcuts


Here are some quick and simple tips on how to do basic tasks and find information in Windows.  Ideas for new ones welcome! Q – How do I find out what version of Windows I am using? A – Click Start and the right-click on My Computer (XP) or Computer (Vista and 7). The windows or dialog that comes up will tell you which version of Windows you are using, and the level of Service Pack, if relevant. Q – How do I stop a CD from running when I put it in the CD drive? A – To stop… Read More »FAQs